I booked the Temple tour in the morning with Sunrise at Angkor Wat. It was amazing! I’m so happy, I found Edu-Cycle cause that was the best experience to explore the area off the beaten track with a good bike! Va is an amazing tour guide. I learned so much, not only about the area but also about education in Cambodia. Happy to support them in their mission. All the best for the future and thanks so much for that great experience!

Silvia Roellig


It Was Amazing!

Thank you for this wonderful bike tour with you ! What an authentic and beautiful discovery of the Siem Reap countryside. We learned a lot with you regarding the way of people living there and about history of your country. We can only recommend you to book this tour and do not forget some funds will be given back for schools in Siem Reap !

Laurence Margueron Proetz

Wonderful bike tour!

Good Mountain bikes, a beautiful Cycling Tour and a very, very nice Tour guide. And you support education. Thanks a lot!

Dirk Drazewski

Beautiful Cycling Tour

Wow! What a great experience and I would do it again. Va was the best guide and I learned so much. Thank you!!!!

John Ganshaw

Great Experience!