Community Clean-Up

Last weekend we organised a community clean-up at Phnom Krom, one of the areas that we visit during our tours. Phnom Krom is a beautiful place but sadly often strewn with rubbish. An inspiring young team joined together to clean their community and set an example to others to look after the environment in which… Continue reading Community Clean-Up


Books, Globes, Pens and More

Continuing our support of Wat Chork Primary School in Siem Reap, we are happy to have been able to donate over $100.00 worth of books and materials including globes, storybooks, exercise books and pencils. The globes were particularly well received and we plan to get as many globes into classrooms as we can in the… Continue reading Books, Globes, Pens and More

Football Donation

We are very happy to have been able to donate five footballs, a football pump and football bag to Wat Chork Primary School in Siem Reap. We believe sport is an important part of children's education, providing opportunities not only to exercise but also to learn about teamwork, not to mention burning off some energy… Continue reading Football Donation